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AFit Aluminium, based in George, Western Cape provides Premium Aluminium Windows, Doors, Showers and Balustrades Suppliers for Your Next Construction Project.

About A-Fit Aluminium

Our aluminium windows and door construction company is dedicated to providing the best quality and craftsmanship in every project we undertake. We offer a wide range of premium aluminium windows and doors for both residential and commercial construction projects. Our experienced team of professionals work closely with builders, architects, and homeowners to ensure that each project is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Choose us for your next construction project and experience the best in aluminium windows and doors.

Based in George, supplying Western Cape and surrounding areas.

Your go-to for top-quality windows, doors all things aluminium

Durable and Long-Lasting

Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, rust, and other forms of wear and tear. This makes it a great choice for windows and doors, as they will last for many years without deteriorating or needing extensive maintenance.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Aluminium can be easily extruded into a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for endless design possibilities. It can also be powder-coated in a range of colours and finishes, making it easy to match the style of any home or building. Aluminium windows and doors provide a sleek and modern look, while also offering superior performance.

Energy Efficient

Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and electricity, which means it can easily transfer heat through the frame of a window or door. However, with the right thermal break technology, aluminium windows and doors can also be very energy efficient, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Lightweight and Strong

Aluminium is a lightweight material that is also very strong, making it ideal for use in windows and doors. Its high strength-to-weight ratio means it can support large windows and doors without the need for bulky frames, while still providing structural stability.

Customer Reviews

"I highly recommend A-fit Aluminium for their excellent work, efficiency, cleanliness, and professionalism. If you're looking for an aluminium company that can deliver on all fronts, you won't be disappointed with A-fit."
Ray, Cape Town
"A-fit Aluminium is a professional and well-managed company. The owner, Johan, is someone who listens to the client’s needs and gives the correct advice on what solution will best suit the client’s needs. I have used this company for years for all aluminium door and window installations and would not make use of any other in the George area. I would highly recommend Johan and his team for any aluminium work."
Louise Coote, Dune Side Retreat

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